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SICK introduces the new LUTM luminescence sensor

Photo by Sick AG

Photo by Sick AG

The new LUTM luminescence sensor from SICK features a novel miniature housing combined with an IO-Link function. The LUTM is ideal for all applications where fluorescent marks need to be reliably detected in confined spaces. Even when the level of luminescence is low, the LUTM detects the relevant marks due to its enhanced system sensitivity.

This mini luminescence sensor can be set using a straightforward teach-in method. The innovative IO-Link function enables enhanced, intelligent diagnostics and visualization of sensor parameters as well as quick and easy format changes. Thanks to an increased switching frequency of up to 6 kHz, the LUTM is also suitable for high machine production capacities.

See the invisible – different markets and different applications

Luminescence sensors detect marks that are only visible under UV light. This is due to fluorescent substances contained in the mark which convert the UV light into visible light. The reflected light beam is received and evaluated by the sensor. This technology is used in different markets and different applications such as the presence monitoring of labels and package inserts in the pharmaceutical industry, detection of invisible marks in the luxury segment of the F&B industry and the detection of luminescent marks for positioning of labels in the packaging business.

Package insert and label inspection – example of usage in the pharmaceutical industry

Whether the instruction insert is in the package or the labels affixed to the vials – luminescence sensors permit a very high standard of process and detection performance.

High switching frequency and reliability are essential and these are precisely the qualities offered by luminescence sensors, and especially by our new LUTM. In cases where space is extremely limited, the new LUTM is the product of choice.

IO-Link: Key benefit – fast format change

With IO-Link technology format changes can be handled quickly and easily by retrieving the parameter settings of jobs that have already been completed from the control system‘s memory.

Further advantages of IO-Link include visualization of the signal quality and the output of quality characteristics supporting advanced diagnostics.

At a glance

  • Luminescence sensor in miniature housing
  • Static and dynamic teach-in methods in a single variant
  • Reliable detection even at low-level luminescence
  • Improved performance on glossy surfaces
  • Switching frequency of 6 kHz
  • 12.5 mm + / – 3 mm sensing distance
  • Remote monitoring and rapid analysis via IO-Link
  • Compatibility with older LUT sensors thanks to M12 pigtail

For more information, please visit http://www.sick.com.