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SICK expands its Sensor Integration Machine product family with the new SIM1004 and SIM1012 model

Photo by Sick AG

The latest members of the SICK Sensor Integration Machine product family – SIM1004 and SIM1012 – create the basis for practically unlimited flexible and creative applications. Positioned in the standard performance range, they collect and aggregate data for individual solutions and integrate them in Industry 4.0 processes. The development of sensor apps within the SICK AppSpace eco-system offers benefits for logistics and factory automation in the areas of quality control, process analysis and predictive maintenance.

With SICK AppSpace and the programmable sensors, SICK provides users with a powerful tool for edge computing solutions. The new Sensor Integration Machines SIM1004 and SIM1012 now combine intelligent sensors into powerful multi-sensor systems. The extend and scale the SICK SIM product family portfolio in terms of processing power and number of sensor connections. In the SIM1004 basic model, four connections allow combined data processing from 2 cameras or a laser scanner, for example. With correspondingly higher scaling, the SIM1012 has twelve connections for the next level of complexity. Both variants are equipped with Ethernet interfaces with OPC-UA and MQTT communication protocols and make the processed data available using edge computing. This permits intelligent data networking for digital factories.

A new world of application possibilities

SICK sensor engineering allows connection of practically any sensor type when using SIM1004 and SIM1012. Sensor data can be merged into a point cloud, evaluated, archived, and transmitted. This opens up completely new application possibilities and with them enormous creative potential. This in turn permits realization of completely new solutions in mechanical engineering and for integrators.

The customized multi-sensor integration can be made available as a sensor app in the SICK AppPool and thus reduces additional development effort thanks to the high global reusability of the sensor apps on all programmable devices from SICK.

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