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Siemens introduces the Acvatix open-close/changeover ball valves

Siemens Building Technologies extended  its ball valve portfolio with classic open/close and changeover ball valves with L- or T-bore. At the same time new ball valve actuators for specific 2-point open/close and changeover operations are being introduced.

Acvatix open/close and changeover ball valves Photo by SIEMENS AG

Acvatix open/close and changeover ball valves

With it’s ball valve portfolio and the control and safety shutoff valves already available on the market Siemens offers  a comprehensive range of compact ball valves for closed-circuit cold- and hot-water systems.

The new ball valves from Siemens are optimized for a maximum flow rate per nominal size and reach high flow values (kvs) between 5 and 96 m3/h.  By a  compact design Siemens ensures ease of installation even in tight spaces. Customers are able to save costs by using more economical valves which offer a higher kvs value at the same nominal size.

The ball valves have a unique design with integrated O-rings which makes lower-torque operation possible. This allows for the use of smaller actuators, which further reduces costs and saves energy.

The new ball valves are available in nominal sizes from DN15 to DN50 and support a closing pressure (Δps) of up to 1,400 kPa and a maximum differential pressure (Δpmax) of 350 kPa. They are suited for media temperatures from -10°C to 120°C. An extremely small seat leakage of 0.0001 of the kvs value is a major contributing factor in the valves’ high level of energy efficiency.

All Acvatix ball valves are made of 100% DZR (dezincification resistant) brass and the balls are chrome-plated and polished. In conjunction with friction-optimized stems, this results in a long, maintenance-free product life. For all models, an insulation cover for thermal insulation is available as a separate accessory. It can be used up to a temperature of 90°C and is easy to install and remove thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners.

The electromotoric rotary actuators matching these new ball valves can be used in an ambient temperature range from -32°C to 55°C. They are equipped with overload protection and (on some models) an emergency function (spring return), can be adjusted manually (via position indicator and automatic return to control mode), and offer a unique quick-release clamping mechanism for valve/actuator installation. Depending on the model, they use an operating voltage of AC230V or AC/DC24V and support 2- or 2/3-point activation.

For more information about the extensive Acvatix product line, please visit www.siemens.com/acvatix