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Tamron expands its M112FM series of fixed-focal lenses with four new models

Model: M112FM08
Photo by TAMRON Europe GmbH

Tamron Co., Ltd. , an integrated optics manufacturer and leader in the security/surveillance equipment industry, announces release in the market of four additional models (M112FM08, M112FM35, M112FM50 and M112FM75) in the M112FM series of fixed-focal lenses for machine vision use that support full 5-mega pixel resolution for 1/1.2” imagers in industry-leading* 29mm compact bodies.

This release expands the current lens portfolio for 1/1.2” imagers (M112FM series) to seven lenses that accommodate extensive focal lengths: 8mm F/2.4, 12mm F/2.0, 16mm F/2.0, 25mm F/1.8, 35mm F/2.1, 50mm F/.2.8 and 75mm F/3.5.

Mega-pixel cameras used for machine-vision applications including production equipment, substrate mounting equipment, various test equipment, and various engineering machines migrate toward larger-size imagers and higher resolution.

The market offers an extensive selection of lenses that fit each application. However, a camera-and-lens combination needs to be optimized for the individual installation condition. Some specific production equipment, substrate inspection equipment, and industrial-use printers mandate lenses that can be installed in a limited space, and ensure high-resolution and high-contrast imaging in a close-shooting distance.

Tamron currently offers an array of mega-pixel machine-vision lenses for 1.1” imagers (four models in the M111FM series), 1/1.8” imagers (six models in the M118FM series) and 2/3” imagers (seven models in the M23FM series and three models in the 23FM series).

These newly released four models offer a wider selection of portfolio in addition to the existing three compact models in the M112FM series; the portfolio now offers a widest selection of high-resolution lenses that address a customer’s particular needs.

Tamron, as an integrated lens manufacturer, aggressively develops distinguished high-resolution fixed-focal lenses that address customers’ critical requirements in machine vision, particularly for high optical performance that assures high-fidelity over the whole image, and advanced user utility.

Product Information

Unrivalled High Contrast and High Resolution in the Industry.

The new models are compatible with both 5.86μm pixel-pitch 1/1.2” imagers and 3.45μm pixel-pitch 2/3” imagers, and assure an equivalent resolution of full 5 mega-pixels, an industry-leading resolution and contrast in φ29mm machine-vision lenses. Tamron’s proprietary optical design offers equal first-class performance in all different focal lengths of the models.

Advanced Coating Technology and State-of-the-art Optical Design

Tamron’s state-of-the-art optics and advanced coating technologies assure distinguished optical performance, particularly in contrast and resolution, and superb optical transmissivity for crisp and clear images.

High-Quality Imaging at Close-Shooting Distances

The new lenses assure high-quality imaging in frequently-used close-shooting distances.

Rigid Inspection on Quality

Critical performance in resolution is thoroughly examined from the center to the periphery of images, assuring high-contrast and high-resolution, devoid of unbalanced blurring, throughout the entire lens view.

Improved Maneuverability and User Utility

Rotational torque is increased to improve maneuverability for focusing and iris adjustment. Lock-screw positions are increased to four instead of the three of the former models, assisting easier installation for users.

Cosmetic Design of Rugged Look

A metal barrel is employed to improve durability and robustness against vibration, giving a cool and rugged exterior look.

A Commonly-Used Setscrew is Included as a Standard Accessory

A lock-screw used in previous models is replaced with an embedding-type setscrew, making the lens barrel free of a screw-head to enable installation in a compact space.

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