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Turck added its new PTL110 system to its range of pick-to-light components

Versatile combinations, and quick installation: The PTL110 series increases the efficiency of order picking operations
Photo by Hans Turck GmbH

Turck is expanding its offering of pick-to-light components with the PTL110 system, featuring alphanumeric and color signal displays and sensor capabilities

Turck is expanding its range of pick-to-light components for picking operations with the PTL110 system from its optical sensor partners Banner Engineering. The cascadable display module with an optional touch button and optical sensor capabilities is particularly suitable for reliable control on assembly and picking stations with many picking points.

The RGB LEDs of the PTL110 offer control with up to 14 colors and various predefined animation functions. The three-digit alphanumeric display can be used as required for indicating part or picking counts and providing instructions. While the LED display indicates the box with the component to be removed, the removal is acknowledged either via the optical sensor or manually via a touch button. The pick-to-light system operates with Modbus RTU communication, which with its PICK-IQ technology also offers particularly fast response times even with multiple polling.

Each PTL110 device is provided with a 150 mm cable and M12 plug connector at both ends. The components can thus be connected in series without any additional cables.

For more information, please visit http://www.turck.com.