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Vanderlande’s AIRTRAX Pocket is the ideal choice for Zalando

AIRTRAX is an innovative and reliable concept for transporting, sorting and storing hanging goods.
Photo by Vanderlande Industries B.V.

Vanderlande has been selected by Zalando SE – Europe’s leading online fashion platform – to install its innovative AIRTRAX Pocket sortation solution at its new logistics center in Sweden. It will be at the heart of the order management system on site and help to support Zalando achieve its strategy of profitable growth, increase its market share and strengthen its competitive position. The project will also continue to develop the successful partnership that exists between both organizations.

Zalando is a supplier of around 2,000 brands (over 300,000 items) to more than 23 million customers, and has partners in 15 countries. The company is constructing a new logistics centre to be closer to its customers in northern Europe and minimize delivery times. As a long-term strategic partner and the leader in the e-commerce market, Vanderlande has been commissioned to plan and install AIRTRAX Pocket.

Unveiled at this year’s LogiMAT trade fair, the pocket sorter system is part of Vanderlande’s reliable and innovative AIRTRAX product family. It efficiently transports, sorts and sequences large volumes of items over great distances and at varying heights, as well as being able to store goods. This efficient, future-proof and state-of-the art solution is constructed from durable materials, a minimal number of components, and utilizes redundant technology and operating principles.

The AIRTRAX Pocket helps to create an order management system that is ideally suited to the dynamic processes of the omnichannel and e-commerce sectors. Due to its unique sequencing technology, it can easily map an ever-changing assignment profile and optimally control the flow of items. This allows for efficient picking and packing, and for other value-added services to be carried out.

The pocket sorter is the first concept on the market with a full-friction drive, which means that it runs seamlessly over long distances. It also offers scalability and flexibility when dealing with rapidly expanding and dynamic product portfolios, and can process returns. Additionally, the AIRTRAX Pocket offers longer maintenance intervals, while there are no chains to oil or grease. This prevents dirt from being transferred to unprotected goods.

For more information, please visit www.vanderlande.com