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FANUC introduces its new long-arm M-10iD/10L handling robot

Photo by FANUC Luxembourg Corporation

FANUC announces the launch of the new long-arm M-10iD/10L handling robot. An exciting new addition to FANUC’s already large family of handling robots, the M-10iD/10L robot offers customers the ability to handle bigger workpieces within a larger working envelope. This comes in addition to its outstanding axes speed and ultimate precision within its class.

Compact and fully articulated to reach narrow spaces in machine tools or jigs, the slim-design M-10iD/10L provides the ideal solution to production line applications in which space is at a premium. To ensure maximum precision the robot has a very rigid arm and, for added workspace flexibility, can be mounted in a variety of different positions.

“Made specifically for narrow installations, this highly versatile robot is ideally suited to working on relative large parts thanks to its very generous horizontal stroke. It can also be installed upside down or angle mounted for utmost flexibility”, says Matteo Ferrari, Robot Product Manager at FANUC Europe.

In order to prevent snagging and interference, sensor, camera cables, air pipes and other utilities are routed through the robot’s hollow arm, wrist, and body. Fully integrating the hose pack in this way translates to easier integration, extended cable life and the reduced risk of downtime. To minimize dirt and dust collection, the M-10iD/10L also comes with smooth surfaces.

As standard, the M-10iD/10L supports various intelligent functions, including the built-in proprietary FANUC iRVision system. Software options include FANUC Dual Check Safety as well as a host of other useful additions. To improve cell design and the efficiency of engineering processes, the M-10iD/10L can also be modeled using the ROBOGUIDE offline simulation PC tool.

For more information, please visit http://www.fanuc.eu.