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ZEISS Victory SF 32 binoculars features compact and lightweight form while delivering outstanding clarity

Photo by Carl Zeiss

ZEISS is presenting the ZEISS Victory SF 32, the latest addition to its SF line of binoculars. With even better clarity, greater color accuracy and optimized ergonomics, these binoculars are the perfect companion for hunters who demand the best, even when viewing for long periods – whether users are deer stalking, hunting from a high seat or in the mountains.

“Every passionate hunter and bird-watcher knows that extraordinary moments outdoors sometimes take time to reveal their full potential,” says Tammo Lüken, head of product management for nature observation and hunting at ZEISS. That is why they need binoculars that are compact, lightweight, and at the same time, offer outstanding clarity. “With its exceptionally wide field of view and perfect ergonomics, the ZEISS Victory SF 32 helps hunters and nature observers pursue their passion – even when you hold your binoculars in your hands during prolonged periods of observation,” Lüken continues.

Easily Spot Every Detail With a 155-Meter Field of View

The ZEISS Victory SF 32 offers an exceptionally wide field of view, and at up to 155 meters, sets new standards in nature observation. It only takes 1.6 revolutions of the focus wheel to adjust from infinity to the minimum focusing distance of 1.95 meters, meaning the binoculars offer the perfect balance between fast and highly precise focusing.

The ZEISS Victory SF 32 features the unique ErgoBalance concept already well-known from other models in the SF line of binoculars, in which the center of gravity is shifted towards the eyepiece, making hunting and long-term observation extremely light, ergonomic, and fatigue-free.

The binoculars are equipped with the Ultra-FL concept developed by ZEISS, a system of fluoride-containing SCHOTT lenses that reduces color fringing, increases contrast, and guarantees the highest color imaging quality.

The ZEISS Victory SF Line

The ZEISS SF line is the result of close cooperation between ZEISS engineers and experts in the field of hunting and bird watching. The ZEISS Victory SF 8×42 and the ZEISS Victory SF 10×42 are known for offering excellent clarity and rapid visual recognition, even in poor lighting conditions. The ZEISS Victory SF 32 completes this line with its exceptionally wide field of view of 155 meters.

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