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Teledyne DALSA’s high resolution image detectors utilised in the OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance custom imaging solutions has partnered with the University of Arizona in the development of three […]

INFAIMON selected Allied Vision’s GigE Vision camera for its VGR bin picking solution

The Spanish specialist for artificial vision, INFAIMON, has created a solution for Vision Guided Robotics that identifies, selects, picks and transfers defined objects within a bin, using Allied Vision cameras. Depending on […]

Tamron’s new NIR Vari-Focal Lens offers high image-quality resolution for security applications

Tamron Co., Ltd., an integrated optics manufacturer and leader in the security/surveillance equipment industry, announces the release of a 1/1.8” 12-50mm F/1.4 5-mega-pixel NIR Vari-Focal Lens with P-Iris (Model: M118VP1250IR). Demand for […]

Optics Balzers AG excels in the production of laser mirrors

Processing materials by laser pulses in the nanosecond range has become standard in industry. Ever smaller and more precise structures can be made by latest laser technology, which uses pulses of durations […]

Photron releases new PhotoCam SpeederV2 developed for production fault-finding

A global leader and manufacturer of high-speed digital cameras and software for slow motion analysis, introduces the PhotoCam SpeederV2. The portable, standalone high-speed camera system is specially designed for production fault-finding. Intuitive […]

Combination of Leica EM TXP and Leica DM2700 M helps increase efficiency and improve workflow

A new approach to create an efficient, fast and precise workflow in Quality Control Quality control of multilayer coatings on metal and plastic samples, like it is daily routine in automotive or […]

PCO introduces its new Camera Link HS interface

New interface for increased bandwidth: the Camera Link HS (CLHS) interface enables transmission of 1.1 GByte/s of image data and is available for pco.edge 4.2 & 5.5. For more information, please visit […]

Optics Balzers produces now in Malaysia

In early September, Optics Balzers has started to establish production with around 30 new employees in Penang on the west coast of Malaysia. According to Alex Vogt, CEO of Optics Balzers, it […]

Leica explains the reasons behind sCMOS cameras’ popularity

sCMOS cameras are more sensitive and are capable of much higher acquisition speed than cameras with other sensor types. Even though CCD cameras are widely used in live cell imaging and time-lapse […]

FUJIFILM expands its lineup of accessories for the X Series with new Hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500

FUJIFILM Corporation has added the high-end multi-function external flash “Hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500” to the lineup of accessories for the X Series of digital cameras. The EF-X500 is a hot-shoe mount flash […]

Microscan showcased its MicroHAWK® enclosed imaging devices at AACC Clinical Lab Expo

Microscan, the number-one brand of embedded clinical barcode readers and leading innovator of machine vision solutions for the life sciences, demonstrated MicroHAWK®, the world’s smallest enclosed imaging devices for barcode reading and […]

PCO releases the latest version of its proprietary camera control software

The enhanced version of PCO’s proprietary camera control software is now available to download. Camera Link HS has been integrated in the 64bit version of Camware. Master Settings facilitate image acquisition with […]

Edmund Optics® presents new TECHSPEC® Hard Coated Filters

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces three new TECHSPEC® Hard Coated Filters: High Performance OD 4 Shortpass Filters, High Performance OD 4 Longpass Filters and Imaging Filters. These […]