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Benefits of cameras and optics with liquid lens technology

Last year the GenICam standard was updated to include features for liquid lens control. We are excited to see yet another camera on the market that has implemented this standard and can provide seamless control of Optotune’s liquid lenses!

ITALA G.EL series with liquid lens control

Opto Engineering’s ITALA G.EL cameras have a built-in current source that can control all of Optotune’s liquid lenses. Thermal compensation is supported to allow for high focus repeatability. Only one cable is needed to connect the lens to the camera’s IO ports. This integration provides many benefits:

Simplified hardware – No need of an external driver and the related cablings
Easy control – Through GenICam or via the camera SDK
Reduced costs – Less components and less installation expenses

Photo by Optotune Switzerland AG

Optimized lens modules for diverse use-cases

Best performance is achieved when integrating liquid lenses in the optical design from the start. Opto Engineering has done a great job at designing our lenses into several fixed focal length, telecentric and 360° specialty lenses. In all cases the working distance can be changed within milliseconds, reliably over billions of cycles.

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