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Achieve Maximum Tool Life with WALTER Tools cool precision

Photo by WALTER AG

Walter is offering two entirely new indexable insert geometries with the FM5 and RM5. These are particularly beneficial to users who machine high-temperature alloys (ISO S) and stainless steels (ISO M).

According to Walter, excellent results are achieved with duplex stainless steels in particular, which, for example, are being used in an increasing number of applications in the medical, food and chemical industries. The main advantage of the new roughing and finishing inserts is their “jet guiding geometry”: Thanks to special channels embedded in the rake face, the coolant reaches the cutting edge directly, underneath the chip. This targeted cooling maximises the cooling effect and increases tool life. At the same time, chip breaking is optimised. This results in enhanced productivity and improved component surfaces.

The coating in Walter’s own Tiger·tec® Silver grades also helps toward this: Three with PVD Al2O3 heat shield (WSM10S, WSM20S, WSM30S) and one CVD grade (WMP20S). The FM5 jet guiding geometry ensures optimum chip breaking during finishing operations and the RM5 jet guiding geometry enables optimum coolant supply during roughing operations.

The design of the cutting edges is also new: The double positive macro-geometry reduces notch formation and crater wear. Both the RM5 and FM5 geometries achieve their best results in Walter toolholders with integrated precision cooling, as they were designed specifically for these coolant channel geometries.

For more information visit: www.walter-tools.com