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Advantech’s new SOM-5899 series enhanced with six cores for better multithreaded performance

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Photo by Advantech

Advantech, a world leader in embedded IoT, announces the launch of its high-end SOM-5899 series COM Express Type 6 Module designed with 8th and 9th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series processors. Compared with previous generations, the SOM-5899 is enhanced with six cores for better multithreaded compute-intensive application performance.

With up to 96GB DDR4 memory design, SOM-5899 increases memory capacity and bandwidth to enhance data transmission ability. The brand-new series offers multiple high-speed I/O: three ports with independent 4K displays, four ports with USB3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps), and four ports with SATA Gen3. SOM-5899 is optimal for an array of applications, including industrial control, digital signage, automation, gaming, and medical.

Excellent Computing Power for Performance-Driven Applications

SOM-5899 provides a variety of scalable options for different power consumption and performance requirements. With its full spectrum SKUs and two-to-six core processors offering 25~45W thermal design power, customers can easily find the target SKU to fulfil system design. For extreme performance, Advantech offers a high-end thermal solution for SOM-5899.

Enhanced Data Stability and Capacity

To meet the growing need for big data transfer and analysis, SOM-5899 is equipped with up to 96GB memory and ECC memory is supported by specific SKU. This is particularly essential for fields like medical applications, where the prevention of data loss and errors are top priorities. SOM-5899 accelerates ultra sound image processing and decreases error rates.

Ultimate Graphics for High-Quality Visual Experience

Integrated with Gen 9.5 Intel Graphics engine, customers benefit from an enhanced visual experience and high definition media capacity. SOM-5899 supports three independent displays, which includes various interfaces: VGA, LVDS for legacy applications, and three DDI ports that are configurable as HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort, for enriched visual and image focus. Ideal for medical applications, the 4K displays enhance the quality of images displayed on the Ultrasound and provides clearer photos to both doctors and patients.

High Speed I/O for Faster Data Transmission

SOM-5899 supports four USB3.1 Gen 2(10Gbps), PEG x16 & 8* PCIe Gen3 (8Gbps), and four SATA Gen3. The multiple I/O design prepares the COM Express module for immediate application to different fields such as medical, servers, and gaming. USB3.1 Gen2 doubles the speed of data transfer compared to previous generation products—saving time on the transfer of images, video, and data.

SOM-5899 Features

• COM Express R3.0 Type 6 Basic Module
• 8th & 9th Generation Intel® Core™ Xeon & i7/i5/i3/Celeron Processors
• 2~6 Core CPU with up to 96GB Non-ECC Memory and up to 48GB ECC Memory
• 3* DDI (Digital Display Interface) 4k Resolution
• 4* USB3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) / PEG x16 & 8* PCIe Gen3 (8Gbps)
• 4* SATA III Ports and Supports AHCI & RAID Mode
• Supports Advantech iManager, WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn

For more information, please visit http://www.advantech.eu.