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ATI presents its new Compliant Deburring Blade deburring tool

CDB-8-11 Compliant Deburring Blade
Photo by ATI Industrial Automation

The Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB), patent pending, is ATI’s newest and most versatile deburring tool. The durable interface accommodates a variety of readily available blades and media used with hand deburring tools. The pneumatically-controlled, articulated design gives users the ability to tune the contact force to accommodate specific applications by changing the air pressure. This deburring tool excels in light and medium deburring, chamfering, and scraping operations on materials such as plastic, aluminum, steel, and brass. The CDB’s axial and radial compliance is ideal for maintaining constant force where surface irregularities are present. Integrating the Compliant Deburring Blade in a robotic material removal application not only reduces robotic programming time, but also makes the programming process easier.

The pneumatically-actuated compliance mechanism enables dynamic control of contact force to accommodate applications such as edge deburring, chamfering, countersinking, and scraping.

The robust collet accepts standard off-the-shelf hand deburring blades and media that can be changed without additional tools.

This adaptable device can be utilized for various material removal tasks on plastic, aluminum, steel, brass, and more.

No motor noise helps to reduce ambient noise in the work environment.

A simple mechanical design, without high-speed moving parts, makes this tool an ideal solution for collaborative processes.

Operators can easily switch between full radial and single-axis compliance.

Floating radial and axial compliance allow fast and easy programming of the robot. The movement of the blade compensates for changes in part tolerances, part misalignment, and robot path variation.

For more information, please visit http://www.ati-ia.com.