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BD|SENSORS presents its new LMK 808 plastic submersible probe

Separable submersible probe LMK 808
Photo by BD SENSORS GmbH

The LMK 808 plastic submersible probe from BD|SENSORS is perfectly suited to measuring levels in water and waste water. This is made possible by the component at the heart of the probe – an extremely robust capacitive ceramic sensor that requires almost no maintenance. BD|SENSORS has moved the surge protection from the cable to the separable probe head and also developed effective protection to stop the cable from being bitten – this means damage to the cable is reliably prevented in two ways. The LMK 808 thus combines measurement accuracy and long-term stability with the lowest possible amount of maintenance required.

Submersible probes for continuously recording water levels need to work reliably and be durable. The LMK 808 plastic submersible probe from BD|SENSORS sets new standards here with its extremely resistant capacitive ceramic sensor. The probe with a diameter of 35 mm is designed for nominal pressures of from 0-1 mH2O to 0-100 mH2O. In the standard version, its accuracy is 0.35% FSO, optionally 0.25% FSO.

Clear head – long life expectancy

Over the course of time, deposits such as algae or mussels stick to submersible probes – a potential source of measurement errors. Removing such growth can easily destroy a sensitive stainless steel sensor diaphragm. This is where the LMK 808 scores points with its robust, capacitive sensor made from highly pure ceramic (99.9% Al2O3) which is not sensitive to deposits. Any possible contamination can easily be removed without damaging the diaphragm. The ceramic sensor in combination with the plastic housing makes the submersible probe resistant to aggressive and abrasive media and thus almost indestructible.

Separation of probe head and cable – intelligent surge protection

When BD|SENSORS created separable submersible probes in the 1990s, it developed a winning concept which set a standard that saves both time and costs. The probe head can also be separated from the cable part on the LMK 808. It can be unscrewed and replaced without the use of tools while the cable which is laid continues to be used – a crucial advantage for servicing and a real bonus when it comes to stock-keeping.

BD|SENSORS submersible probes generally have surge protection in the cable part which can dissipate lightning bolts up to a certain strength. But in the case of stronger surges, there is the risk that the probe head and the cable will be damaged. With the LMK 808, improved surge protection is integrated directly in the probe head. It dissipates pulse currents of up to 8 kA. If there is a defect caused by a lightning strike, only the probe head needs to be replaced, the cable remains intact.

No chance for rodents

Laid underground or in cable ducts, the long probe cables often fall victim to the teeth of small rodents and have to be replaced at great cost. BD|SENSORS now offers a rodent-resistant solution: a steel mesh sheath around the cable offers effective protection from rats and other rodents and saves the customer a great deal of hassle and expense.

Stay afloat with the LMK 808

The separable LMK 808 plastic submersible probe with a capacitive ceramic sensor makes level measurement in water and waste water more accurate, more reliable and more cost-effective. It offers a persuasive choice with low maintenance costs, easy handling and great resistance.

For more information, please visit http://www.bdsensors.de.