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NEW: HP100A-50KW-GD to measure extremely high-power laser beams

Photo by Gentec-EO

Gentec-EO, a provider of laser beam measurement instruments, has announced a new measurement solution for high-power laser beams up to 50 kW.

The HP100A-50KW-GD laser power detector was designed mainly for high-power laser and laser system manufacturers, factories that cut thick metal parts with high-power lasers, and military applications.

With its gold reflector cone and back-reflection reducing geometry, the HP100A-50KW-GD traps > 97 % of the incident light and can handle up to 50 kW of continuous laser power. The very low back-reflections of the detector ensure a safer working environment with high-power lasers. This detector can also handle the high intensities of small beams.

Practical design for high-power laser beams

  • Gold cone design allows for very high damage thresholds of 25 kW/cm2.
  • Very low back-reflections, < 2.5 %, make it safe to use even at 50 kW.
  • Compact: less than 20 cm thick.
  • Serial commands available via USB. Other connectors are available on request.
  • Water flow and temperature are monitored in real-time and displayed continuously, so you won’t risk burning out the detector if the cooling is interrupted.
  • Customizable design: tell us your needs!

Log your measurements on a Gentec-EO display or on your PC

Each detector comes with both a DB-15 connector for use with a Gentec-EO display (MAESTRO, MIRO ALTITUDE, TUNER or UNO) and a USB output for direct connection to a PC. Our proprietary software is available for free for all our customers. Other connectors are available upon request.

Available now

The HP100A-50KW-GD is available to order now. For more information contact a Gentec-EO local sales representative or visit the product page: https://www.gentec-eo.com/products/hp100a-50kw-gd 

Not the right specifications for you? Contact us!

We can design a high-power detector for your specific application. We have designed and built power detectors for up to 120,000 W of continuous power, and as large as 500 mm x 500 mm.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gentec-eo.com/blog?categoryName=gentec-eo-news