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Breaking edges precisely with Assfalg SPEEDY!

Photo by Assfalg GmbH

By overtaking SWISS SPEEDY in 2018 Assfalg has increased its product-portfolio for deburring machines.

The strength of the Speedy Deburring Machines is the proccessing of internal and external edges of flat workpieces.

Rational and precise processing

The Speedy Contour deburrs equally square and round workpieces. The Speedy Prism deburrs straight edges. These compact and handy table machines enable a rational and precise processing for all materials. The table machines are ideally used for processing milled or turned workpieces and laser-cutted pieces with a smooth surface.

Another advantage is easy machining of parts with just one setup, without reclamping.

The smoother the surface, the more precise the roller bearing can work hence it produces clean chamfers. Precision workpieces with a smooth defined locating face create superb results for the worker. Optical the workpieces turn into a high end product after chamfering and rounding edges.

All types of SPEEDY are manufactured at Assfalgs ́ in Schwäbisch Gmünd/Germany.

For more information, please visit: https://www.assfalg-metal.com