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HAWE Hydraulik offers mini hydraulic power units ideal for controlling flaps and conveyor belts in harvesters

Photo by HAWE Hydraulik SE

Many ancillary functions and individual modules can be found in the highly specialized agricultural machinery, which is used in all agricultural work processes. Not all of them have to be supplied directly with the central hydraulics. Using small decentralised mini hydraulic power units to drive and control these functions minimizes tubing and simplifies installation close to the control function.

Examples of decentralised controllable functions in the harvester are the control of the discharge pipe or the ejection flap in combine harvesters and forage harvesters or the conveyor belts in potato and beet harvesters. In the HAWE Hydraulik product range, there are mini hydraulic power units for this purpose, which take over the power generation and control directly at the consumer. Due to their low size, they can be installed close to the consumer. The hydraulic power pack works as a self-sufficient unit and only needs to be powered. The machine manufacturer saves long hydraulic hose lines, reduces losses and simplifies commissioning. Two product types from the HAWE Hydraulik modular product kit are presented here as examples. The mini hydraulic power pack type A100 is available with either DC or AC motor. In the case of the HR type, the built-in possibility of reversing the direction of rotation of the engine also makes it easy to control a double-acting cylinder. An additional directional valve is then no longer required for this.

Furthermore, the mini hydraulic power unit type HR ensures overload protection of the motor by an integrated temperature switch and can be connected to various actuators. The installation position is arbitrary. The control is unchanged, e.g. via a joystick in the driver’s cab. Looking at the machine design with a view to decentralised power generation with low energy consumption, there will be further functions in which this decentralised drive realises advantages.

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