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Innovation meets efficiency: New planetary gear motors at PowerTronic

DC motors with planetary gear are versatile and ideal for tight spaces

PowerTronic stands for modern drive technology of high quality. With four new planetary gear motors, PowerTronic now expands its range. They are the result of years of experience and development.

PL08-DC08.15 model with gear diameter of only 8 mm and 3V nominal voltage with nominal torque of up to 40 Ncm
Photo by Powertronic Drive Systems GmbH

Ideal for applications with limited space

The four new models expand the PowerTronic range with two smaller sizes of brushless motors. They are characterized by their compact design and light weight. This not only makes them versatile but also ideal for use in applications with limited space.

  • PL08-DC08.15: This powerful model impresses with a gear diameter of only 8 mm. Despite its compact size and 3V nominal voltage, it can generate a remarkable nominal torque of up to 40 Ncm, depending on the gear ratio.
  • PL08-DC08.16: The flexibility of this model is impressive. It is available with nominal voltages of 3V or 6V. With the same gear diameter of 8mm as its predecessor, this model also achieves a maximum nominal torque of 40 Ncm
  • PL10-DC10.20: With a nominal voltage of 4.5V and a gear diameter of 10mm, this model complements the range of DC motors. It can provide a nominal torque of up to 60 Ncm, depending on the selected gear ratio
  • PL10-DC10.24: This model is available with a nominal voltage of 6V or 12V. With the same gearbox as the previous model (gear diameter of 10mm), this gear motor also achieves a high nominal torque of up to 60 Ncm

Universally applicable

The compact size and design of the planetary gear motors allow for easy integration into existing applications. PowerTronic ensures a consistently high quality and excellent value for money.

The variety of available gear ratios makes the DC motors with planetary gear universally applicable for users. Even for small quantities, various gear ratios are selectable. In addition, the motors can be optionally supplied with B-side shaft, leads, pre-assembly with connector, special shaft, or special voltage

Further information is available at https://www.power-tronic.com/produkte/dc-motoren/planetengetriebemotoren/