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Grundfos New operational footprint for Europe in scope

Grundfos announces plans to simplify, optimise and consolidate the production and distribution setup in Europe to further strengthen our position as the world’s leading pump manufacturer and the preferred choice of our […]

Precise filling of lithium-ion batteries by Gemü Group

In the energy storage market, lithium-ion batteries are considered to be a cost-effective solution. Automated valve systems from GEMÜ make a contribution towards implementing filling solutions which more optimized series production. Cost reduction […]

Wangen is a Founder Member of World Biogas Association (WBA)

Fossil fuels are becoming scare. Renewable energies are gaining in importance. The Pumpenfabrik Wangen is delighted to be a founder member of the World Biogas Association(WBA). This association offers an international platform for […]

De Dietrich sets records in glass

The QVF® competence center in Mainz/Germany of De Dietrich Process Systems is well-known for its unique ability to manufacture equipment made of borosilicate glass 3.3 up to a nominal diameter of DN1000 […]

Corrosion-resistant riser pipes for the desert by BUTTING

Ready-for-installation components and prefabricated pipework for drilling and well construction technology must display a high degree of functional safety and corrosion resistance. Selecting the most suitable material is crucial here, as is […]

BUTTING lives and breathes innovation

The Lüneburg-Wolfsburg and Stade Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) have established an award for the recognition of entrepreneurial personalities as examples for innovation and agents of change. The status of a […]

KONFEKT – Experience ultra-thin glass on roll for flexible electronics at LOPEC by SCHOTT

With support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), technology development partners Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics,Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP, SCHOTT AG, VON ARDENNE GmbH and tesa […]

ROLLS-ROYCE showcases standby Power Systems from MTU onsite energy

Matthias Vogel, Vice President Power Generation at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “With our portfolio of standby power systems for data centres, we are benefiting from the increasing demand in this market. In […]

Nordson´s New die design for multi-layer fluid coating makes changing die gaps easier

Nordson Innovation makes the economic productivity benefits of multi-layer slot dies more accessible by eliminating calculation in use of shims to achieve lip face alignment A new, patent-pending design for dual- or […]

Hennecke TECHCENTER now equipped with STREAMLINE 3-Component metering machine

With a fully equipped 3-Component metering machine of the type STREAMLINE, PU specialist Hennecke expands its performance capability in the field of research and development. The machine system features all the necessary […]

DESMI Expands Business in India

In order to strengthen our presence in India DESMI has established a new 3,000 sqm production facility in Hyderabad. First focus for the production plant will be to produce oil spill response […]

The miraculous material of glass: SCHOTT´s innovation driver for tomorrow’s smartphones and sensors

The international technology group SCHOTT showed what great influence glass can have on the future of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets at an innovation event held in the “Chinese Silicon […]

The new GEA Hilge HYGIA – versatile and adaptable

The new GEA Hilge HYGIA is a hygienic pump that offers a high degree of flexibility. It completes the GEA VARIPUMP range. In particular, users from the foodstuffs, beverage and pharmaceuticals industry […]