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CERATIZIT offers effective, modern and innovative machining methods designed for Industry 4.0

The WTX-Ti delivers excellent performance when machining difficult-to-machine materials, such as high-strength and acid-resistant steels, titanium or heat-resistant super alloys.
Photo by Ceratizit

Due to the rapid ongoing development of workpiece materials, increasingly high demands are being placed on cutting tools in terms of machining efficiency, reliability and quality. With an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process chain, CERATIZIT develops highly effective cutting tools, ultra-modern coating technologies, innovative machining methods and practical Industry 4.0 solutions.

How will manufacturing companies achieve process-secure, effective turning in 2030? The carbide specialist from Reutte has an exciting answer to this question. The future of conventional turning is changing dramatically; instead of a fixed setting angle to the workpiece, in future the milling spindle will be used to produce a highly dynamic angle to the workpiece. CERATIZIT calls this method “High Dynamic Turning”.

The use of the spindle drive in conjunction with the slim, axial tool structure of the FreeTurn tools means that in future users will benefit from 360° degree of freedom in the axis without the risk of collision. This dynamic positioning will optimize chip breakage and component quality could be positively influenced by changing the position during the process. Even undercuts or contours, which currently require an additional tool, could be produced. For roughing, finishing, contour turning, face or longitudinal turning, HDT only requires one dynamic tool – the FreeTurn from CERATIZIT.

CERATIZIT is there at the WFL technology meeting in Linz as a full-service provider in machining. Alongside HDT and FreeTurn tools, the company presents even more tool highlights from a number of different areas. These include tools for the milling and machining of titanium, tool solutions for heavy machining and multi-functional tools and adapters.

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