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Efficient Workplace with Sitag’s new SitagInline Executive exclusive furniture programme

Photo by Sitag

Clear lines with simultaneously high functionality of the office furniture such as desks, sideboards and shelves are indispensable, if one wants to work efficiently in the office. That a working place designed in this way is elegant in its presence demonstrates the office furniture manufacturer Sitag, a company of the Nowy Styl Group, from Sennwald in the St. Gallen Rheintal with its newest exclusive furniture programme SitagInline Executive.

SitagInline Executive is an office furniture programme, which emphasises features with elegant practicality and at the same time creates a homely-pleasant ambience at the working place. Whether
freestanding with two feet or with a combined media module, SitagInline Executive is a highlight with well-thought design and high-quality workmanship. Be it in detail of a carefully processed facet edge or the overall impression: thanks to the veneered plywood, which is coated on both sides, combined with the X-underframe, a light, seemingly floating overall look is achieved.

Unagitated, not untidy

With SitagInline Executive no unsightly cable knots are present in the manager’s office. All cable runs are internally fixed. Optional cable lengths and tailor-made media connections are the hidden qualities of the newest Sitag programme line. The unified surface has a calm and elegant design. Sideboards, cabinets and drawers feature even, veneered recessed grips, which can be used from either above or below.

Everything runs smoothly

The supporting aluminium rail system of the desks allows a variable positioning of the desk legs and/or the hanging cabinet – depending on the requirements and wishes. A leather lining and an integrated pen tray in the table top serve for highest comfort. All furniture is coated with water-based paint, which gives the surface its authentic deep structure. The programme is available with noble real wood veneer with unique grains, but can also be manufactured with structure-textured paint or varnish – depending on the wishes of the customers. All edges of the programme are rounded – those of the desks, side furniture or drawers. Exclusivity in every detail is also assured in the features of drawers and storage furniture. They are covered with real wood veneer by default so that the noble character is also present inside the furniture.

Craftmanship from Rheintal

SitagInline Executive is an addition to the programme SitagInline Conference, which offers already a huge selection of conference desks in exclusive designs. All details of SitagInline Executive – apart from the metal parts such as desk legs, fittings and rail systems – have been developed and produced with great attention and long-term experience in craftsmanship in the production sites in Sennwald. The new programme is available as of August 2017 and can already now be visited in «Sitag – Home of Visions», the showroom at the headquarter in Sennwald.

For more information, please visit http://www.sitag.ch.