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Eisenmann showcased its new E2E End-to-End Oxidation Oven at JEC World

Photo by EISENMANN Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG

Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG introduced the new “E2E – End to End Oxidation Oven” at JEC World, the leading trade show for the composites industry in Paris. This new oven concept is the latest innovation from Eisenmann that contributes to production of carbon fibers, while providing both commercial and processing benefits.

The Eisenmann booth at JEC World was located in Hall 5A, Booth N61. This year’s focus highlighted the new oxidation oven technology: The E2E End-to-End Oxidation Oven. This innovative new design maintains the parallel airflow preferred by many heavy tow producers and is also used for the production of small tows.

To prove this innovative design concept Eisenmann built a production scale oven in their Bovenden, Germany facility. Extensive testing has demonstrated that the E2E oxidation oven maintains the best in class performance demanded by the carbon fiber industry.

The design of the E2E oxidation oven has no center plenum eliminating fiber catenary issues. Maintenance and cleaning efforts have also been reduced improving production up-time. Hybrid heat systems can also be incorporated into the design while still maintaining the smallest footprint in the industry.

The E2E oxidation oven also reduces the overall operational costs. Along with the lowest capital investment, the innovative technology provides customers with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. This new oven is currently available for customer viewing and testing trials.

Eisenmann also offers complete thermal process technologies for the carbon fiber production from a single source. This creates synergy effects and reduces the costs for the customers. Eisenmann is the innovator for thermal processing equipment for Carbon Fiber and has become the world leader in this industry.

For more information, please visit http://www.eisenmann.com.