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EMO 2017: DUALIS demonstrates transparent production processes in the smart factory

Photo by DUALIS GmbH IT Solution

Smaller batch sizes, more complex components, a higher variety of products and the digital conversion are fundamentally changing the industrial production. The DUALIS GmbH IT Solution provides these processes with smart solutions for the planning and visualization of manufacturing processes. The company will present these solutions at the EMO – fair for the metalworking industry – in Hanover from 18 to 23 September. In hall 25, stand C25 DUALIS will present the 3D simulation platform Visual Components, the advanced planning tool GANTTPLAN 5.5 and more.

„Connecting systems for intelligent production“ – at the EMO everything is focussed on innovations regarding to modern production technology in the metallworking industry. Multiple exhibitors from all over the world are presenting their products and services at the fair, all in terms of digitalization and industry 4.0.

„Today, the production flows are increasingly digitally processed. We make them plannable and optimizable and render process knowledge faster replicable.“, explains Heike Wilson, managing director at DUALIS.

The APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) system GANTTPLAN by DUALIS represents a central component of the smart factory. The modular-based advanced planning tool takes over the detailed order scheduling as well as the result visualization in the graphical user interface. This makes the planning and control of production-relevant parameters easier, such as employees, material and scheduling, which leads to more efficient processes and planning security. GANTTPLAN is the key link connecting the management and production level and it can be seamlessly integrated into existing MES and ERP systems. Thus, it complements for example the iTAC.MES.Suite, the Manufacturing Execution System of the DUALIS holding company Itac Software AG.

DUALIS does not only intervene in ongoing operations, but also in preliminary stages.

This is where the 3D simulation platform Visual Components is deployed. This software facilitates the simulation and planning of factory processes before being implemented in practice. „By displaying and analyzing the processes, the plants and production lines can be tested in detail before the construction or commissioning. This leads to cost and time savings and at the same time the new application szenarios of the production 4.0 become more transparent and calculable.“, explains Heike Wilson, managing director at DUALIS.

Together with iTAC Software AG DUALIS will present this and other industry 4.0 solutions and platforms supporting the digital conversion in the factories at the „EMO 2017“.

For more information visit: https://www.dualis-it.de/en/