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Flexibility by Wilkhahn’s new Versa System

Versa: modular meeting table combines seminal forms and high quality with customised variety of design and room usage Photo by Wilkhahn

Digitalisation is changing our society and workplaces are constantly encountering new challenges. Employees are confronted by new professional, technological and social requirements where flexibility is the order of the day. But organisations need to adapt too and ask whether their own cultures and internal structures can cope with the transformation. Change is clearly a long, drawn-out process in many organisations. In the case of Wilkhahn’s new Versa(Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger) table range, the name says it all. Its diverse range of uses reflects the flexibility of today’s workplaces and its first-class design lends it an immediate appeal.

Versa system and stand-alone tables symbolise seminal conference and management culture and can be adapted to serve almost any purpose in no time. Photo by Wilkhahn
Leg room the stylish way: the starting and finishing elements are set back on one of the short sides…

Versa comes from versatile and this new table system offers plenty of customisable design options and variable use of space. The wide choice of formats means that conference and seminar rooms can be used in all sorts of ways. Whether the tables are set up for a seminar or corner elements are added for a round-table conference, it takes just one foot section to connect two table segments. A bayonet lock links the stylish, seamless-looking, die-cast aluminium base frames with the table tops, which come in different shapes and formats. As a result, the tables can be extended or made smaller without the need for any tools. Consequently, the Versa range can be adapted flexibly to respond to changing requirements and settings, which different methods and numbers of attendees necessitate.

…and flush with the edge on the other so that the frame can be moved to link up with the next segment.

The attractive frame surfaces of the Versa system tables and Intra chair range coordinate perfectly with one another to produce seamless solutions. This combination not only looks superb, it’s also very comfortable because the A-shaped base frames provide plenty of leg room. In the case of the stand-alone tables (which can’t be linked), the frames on both short sides are set back to guarantee plenty of leg room there too. The table range is rounded off by modesty panels as well as lots of power options – from cable outlets to single table portals to different types of techni-stations with power supply modules or wireless chargers. And, of course, there’s also a four-wheeled trolley so that the furniture can be placed on it horizontally or vertically and then wheeled to the place it’s required.