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Fluke Process Instruments introduces its new stand-alone ThermoView TV30 thermal camera

Photo by Fluke Process Instruments Europe

New stand-alone, advanced imager from Fluke Process Instruments features an onboard web server, advanced analytics, and versatile connectivity

In the extreme heat of industrial environments, relying on a personal computer to monitor process applications can be a recipe for failure. The new Fluke Process Instruments ThermoView TV30 thermal camera enables industrial teams to set up thermal imaging systems without the constraints of being constantly connected to a vulnerable computer.

The rugged, fixed-installation TV30 measures a wide temperature range from -10 °C to 1300 °C (14 °F – 2372 °F) and provides an unrivaled scope of features and functions. The stand-alone camera provides full connectivity for easy integration with a PLC via open platform communications unified architecture (OPC UA), or MQ telemetry transport (MQTT).

“The TV30 is the perfect tool for industrial engineers and technicians who want to take their temperature measurement game to the next level,” said Jeff Kresch, senior product manager of Fluke Process Instruments. “We’ve designed the TV30 to deliver temperature alarming without a dedicated PC, and with its sturdy construction and self-sufficient technology, it’s a game-changer for any industrial setting.”

With the ThermoView TV30, industrial teams can:

  • Directly integrate without a PC — Set up multiple areas of interest, monitor processes, and access the on-board analytics of the fixed thermal imager through a web browser. Interface directly to PLC’s or other devices using multiple fieldbus protocols or discreet I/O.
  • Reduce installation cost and space savings — The fixed thermal imager’s small footprint allows for easier installation, while multiple fieldbus options simplify integration with your existing process controllers and external devices.
  • Avoid downtime or costly repairs — Continuously monitor assets, identify defects, and set up alarms when any anomalies are detected.
  • Work in the harshest environments — IP67 housing guarantees long-term use in the most rugged conditions, with air purge, water cooling jacket, and other accessories available.

The thermal camera is powered via a 24 VDC power supply or Power over Ethernet (PoE). It features a remote motorized focus with three lens options available with narrow or wide fields of view for different working distances.

For more information, please visit http://www.flukeprocessinstruments.com.