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GEMÜ 567 BioStar control valve – The big specialist for small quantities

Photo by GEMÜ Gruppe

The GEMÜ 567 BioStar control valve is the new, safe solution for media controls from 0.08 to 4.1 m³/h.

The sealing takes place via a PTFE diaphragm with PD technology (plug diaphragm), which is a combination of the advantages of a diaphragm valve and a globe valve. This valve is available with linear control characteristics and with equal-percentage control characteristics.

Aseptic diaphragm valves are usually used as control valves for sterile applications. This means that small volumes can only be controlled with an inadequate level of accuracy, or not at all. The new 2/2-way diaphragm globe valve with regulating needle or regulating cone fills these gaps. The actuator is sealed by an FDA-compliant and USP Class VI compliant PTFE diaphragm. In combination with a spring washer, this guarantees that the seal is permanently temperature-resistant, meaning that the diaphragm need not be re-tightened. In comparison with bellows valves, cleaning the valve is highly improved by the hygienic construction.

Further special features include the optional integration of a bypass function and the potential installation of the diaphragm globe valve in a multi-port valve block (GEMÜ M-block). In the bypass version, the angle valve body can be designed with a manually operated bypass or with a pneumatically operated bypass. Both versions allow for easier cleaning and greater flows.

If the GEMÜ 567 BioStar control is integrated into an M-block, several functions can be implemented in the smallest of spaces. In addition, the space requirement is reduced considerably, and the installation and welding effort are reduced.

The valve is also optimally equipped when it comes to hygienic safety: It meets both the standards of the EHEDG cleaning test and the standards in accordance with the American 3A definition.

The control valve is used, for example, for dosing small quantities in the beverage industry for inline mixers (for example, for vitamins, dyes and other additives), for controlling sterile steam and air (for example, for DIP processes) or for controlling the inflow and outflow of bioreactors in the pharmaceutical industry.

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