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Greater pressure stability: the WANGEN X-UNIT now with 6 bar

Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH

The modular WANGEN X-UNIT system for the separation and crushing of foreign bodies provides reliable protection of plant and equipment. It is now available with 6 bar pressure stability and optimised properties.

X-TRACT (foreign matter separator) + X-CUT (cutting unit) = X-UNIT

The X-TRACT foreign matter separator, and part of the modular system, was most significantly affected by the optimisation. The function and design of the unit have been enhanced, now offering considerable benefits over the predecessor model:

  • 6 bar pressure stability
  • Robust design
  • Greater flexibility when it comes to installation in systems, thanks to its compact, space-saving construction
  • 180° rotation of the X-TRACT enables it to be installed in different positions
  • Optimised container geometry
  • Easy removal of fallen foreign matter through large side opening flaps
  • Connection dimensions are unchanged from the predecessor model

Maximum flow volume: 1,250 m3/h / 347 l/sec (with water as the medium) Max. pressure, preferably on the suction side: 6 bar The WANGEN X-UNIT consists of two modules: the X-TRACT and X-CUT. Both components are available separately and ideally together as the coordinated X-UNIT. It offers improved process safety and reliable protection of systems, as foreign matter and contaminants are removed and/or crushed by the X-TRACT foreign matter separator and the X-CUT cutting unit. The X-CUT cuts up the medium, opening up its fibres; the surface of the substrate is thus increased and, correspondingly, has a shorter dwell time, for instance in the fermenter of a biogas unit.

The X-UNIT is a versatile unit and is ideal for use with the most diverse applications, for instance for biogas systems, bio-waste recycling, animal stables in agriculture, slurry technology in vehicle construction and municipal sewage treatment plants.

For more information, please visit: https://www.wangen.com/