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Groundbreaking medical IML system at Fakuma

Photo by Kebo AG

In a remarkable collaborative effort, ARBURG, Beck Automation, Intravis, KEBO, and MCC are unveiling their groundbreaking In-Mold Labeling (IML) system for medical applications at Fakuma 2023. This innovative system heralds a new era in medical manufacturing by seamlessly integrating advanced automation, precision, and quality control into the production process.

A Revolution in Medical Manufacturing

The pioneering Medical IML technology is redefining medical manufacturing and harnessing the strengths of each partner to create a comprehensive solution that meets the stringent requirements of the medical industry.

The Medical IML system offers unique features and benefits:

  • Highly Precise System Solution: The IML system combines ARBURG’s injection molding expertise with Beck Automation’s state-of-the-art automation and KEBO’s exceptionally rigid tooling concept to ensure precise and repeatable label placement during the injection molding process. This level of accuracy minimizes waste and ensures consistent product quality.
  • Advanced Visual Inspection: Intravis contributes its advanced visual inspection technology, ensuring flawless product quality by detecting and sorting out defective products in real-time. This not only complies with legal requirements and industry standards but also ensures patient safety.
  • Perfect Synergy of Hot Runner and Tooling: Building on proven IML concepts and optimized hot runner systems, KEBO’s high-performance IML tool achieves the highest precision with excellent gate quality and minimal core shift for perfectly straight parts.
  • Excellent Labeling: MCC emphasizes its expertise in medical labeling, ensuring that the labels used in the IML system provide efficiency and secure application with features such as temperature indicators and additional attributes like sterilization and unique coding on the label.

Fakuma 2023 Exhibition and Expert Discussions

The revolutionary medical IML system developed by ARBURG, Beck Automation, Intravis, KEBO, and MCC will be on display starting from October 17th at Fakuma 2023. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the future of medical device manufacturing firsthand.

In two expert sessions in a conference room at Fakuma, visitors can learn about the key features and advantages and engage in discussions with all the partners.

For more informations, please visit: https://iml.mcclabel.com/en/medical-iml-at-fakuma