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Murrelektronik presents its new Modlight60 Pro RGB IO-Link signal tower

Photo by Murrelektronik GmbH

With 20 RGB LED slices, 21 adjustable colors and ten different light patterns, the Modlight60 Pro RGB IO-Link signal tower from Murrelektronik offers flexible options for clear, attention-grabbing signaling by visually separating the individual RGB LED slices – even in challenging environments. The LED brightness can be variably adjusted, with an eco mode reducing the brightness by 50 percent to create an energy-efficient signal tower. One version of the tower has a buzzer with eight different sounds for customized acoustic signaling.

Benefiting from IP65 dust and splash protection, the signal tower is simple to set up and does not require any extensive configuration. It can be connected using an unshielded M12 cable and commissioned without IODD (IO Device Description). The two different IODDs enable customized control of the RGB LED slices in terms of colors, flash patterns and process data animations.

One tower with multiple signal types

The signal tower offers a variety of operating modes, which means users can have several signal types with just one tower. In stack mode, individual LED slices can be split into up to five segments to create a classic signal tower. The size and colors of these segments can be customized. The autoscale function enables automatic and symmetrical distribution of the LED slices to achieve full-surface signaling for maximum visibility. Users can select level mode for a precise, percentage-based depiction of operating processes, displaying information such as production progress or fill levels. In slice mode, meanwhile, the color, light pattern and animation of each individual LED slice can be controlled separately.

Modlight60 Pro RGB has cURus certification for the U.S. and Canadian markets and can be used in numerous sectors, including the automotive, intralogistics, machine tool, packaging and semiconductor industries.

For more information, please visit http://www.murrelektronik.com.