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Photo by Hennecke GROUP
The HIGHLINE MK2: Cost-efficient all-rounder for virtually all PUR applications

At the beginning of the new year, Hennecke – the renowned manufacturer of polyurethane processing technology – started producing its new HIGHLINE MK2. The entirely re-developed, high-pressure metering machine is the second model in the Next-Generation line from the global market leader based in Sankt Augustin, Germany. A wide range of options allows the compact machine to be adapted to a variety of applications. Versatile and multi-talented, the HIGHLINE MK2 offers an impressively high standard of quality, along with a host of benefits and innovations for both manual and automated production.

Hennecke’s ‘Next-Generation’ is the successful outcome of a long development process, resulting in a completely new generation of high-pressure metering machines, manufactured under the new ‘Hennecke Production System’ and offering plenty of customer benefits: attractive entry prices, significantly shorter lead times and a minimal machine footprint. “Thanks to our new production method, we are able to reduce the processing time in cyclic assembly to five days,” says Jens Winiarz, Senior Sales Director at Hennecke, explaining the new advantage in time. The machine’s well-engineered one-frame design also provides optimum access to all component parts. Capable of processing virtually all common raw material systems, the HIGHLINE MK2 offers almost limitless application possibilities thanks to the generous options available for individual selection.

Outstanding resource and energy efficiency

Careful use of resources is part of the company’s DNA. As a pioneer of high-pressure technology, Hennecke machines are not only remarkably resource-efficient but also enjoy a long service life. The Next-Generation metering machines are fitted as standard with Hennecke’s Blue Intelligence technology – a set of measures for mechanical, thermal and hydraulic efficiency – meaning they save considerably more energy. This covers a wealth of factors, such as optimized components to reduce pressure losses in low-pressure circulation, automatically calculated pump lead times, an intelligent stand-by timer, efficient pumps, and much more. Referring to the savings potential, Jens Winiarz explains, “Based on the individual production scenario, savings of up to 50 percent can be made with the HIGHLINE MK2, even in its standard configuration”. Other measures for enhanced efficiency are the use of higher grade materials, tighter clearance fits, a gear wheel with special dimensions, and optional composite magnetic couplings to eliminate eddy current losses during torque transfer.

The reference for PUR processing: Hennecke’s high-end mixhead technology

The HIGHLINE MK2 capitalizes on the smart mixheads from the top MT-A series, which are available in five sizes, and suitable for open shot as well as docked processing. The MT-A mixhead features optimized materials and surface coatings that provide for high durability, even under difficult production conditions and when using demanding chemical systems. In addition, the MXL air-cleaned mixheads can be used for special rigid foam applications. Jens Winiarz proudly explains, “In combination with the FIXJET and FLEXJET SL series from the latest Hennecke injector generation, the HIGHLINE MK2 mixhead portfolio exceeds the demands of modern polyurethane systems in terms of metering accuracy, mixing quality and service life of the components”. In addition, the HIGHLINE MK2’s optimized hose line management enables highly flexible positioning of the mixhead, for example when using with a standard boom.

Innovative visualization, intuitive control, and IoT connectivity

Hennecke’s state-of-the-art FOAMATIC is used to control the HIGHLINE MK2. High-powered hardware components and a high-resolution 12-inch HMI give the user maximum performance and control as well as fast access for the widest range of applications. Via a remote HMI, the FOAMATIC enables simultaneous display on up to three network-compatible end devices such as smartphones, tablets, or external monitors for monitoring production. This not only makes control more convenient, but also much more efficient and safe. “The standard FOAMWARE already includes all the necessary hardware for enabling integrated IoT functionality,” the polyurethane expert adds, and highlights the new opportunities for PUR processing: upon request, the HIGHLINE MK2 can provide access to extensive machine data and analysis tools. Using the browser-based web application, the machine data and production parameters can be analyzed at any time or place over longer periods, which helps to sustainably increase production efficiency and allows for predictive maintenance scenarios.

Specialized metering pumps and innovative temperature control unit

The specialized HX metering pumps used with the HIGHLINE MK2 are the first in the industry to be designed exclusively for polyurethane applications. This in-house development clearly demonstrates Hennecke’s longstanding experience in polyurethane processing. The innovative HX is significantly more pressure-resistant, quieter, and more energy-efficient than other common pump models. Thanks to integrated sensor technology, these pumps supply the user with detailed information, enable predictive maintenance, and also provide fully digital frequency control.

The temperature control unit TS5evo represents another new development, constantly ensuring optimal raw material temperatures in the 60, 250 or 500 liter work tanks. For this, the sensors continually monitor the component temperature and transfer the information to the plant’s control system. The user only has to set the desired temperature on the FOAMATIC – everything else is regulated automatically by the system.

Successful start at the K trade fair

The HIGHLINE MK2 has been convincing customers from the very beginning. At the K trade fair, interested companies had the opportunity to pre-order the first machine in the new model generation and secure priority delivery – and many took advantage of this. “It was an almost surprising success for us,” says Jens Winiarz about the good results from the trade fair. A special ceremony will soon mark the handover of the very first new HIGHLINE MK2 machines to the customers. Whilst the predecessor HIGHLINE model is being discontinued over the coming months, the final sprint for Hennecke’s flagship model is underway: the high-pressure TOPLINE MK2 will be presented in July 2023.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hennecke.com/en