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Hwacheon’s compact lathe now available in XL

Photo by Hwacheon Europe

Hwacheon has set a new standard for horizontal lathes with chuck sizes from 8 to 10 inches with the compact Hi-TECH 230. Just in time for its presentation at EMO, the series, which is characterised by massive machine beds, wide flat guides and powerful drives, has been supplemented by an XL variant. Now turning lengths of up to 1,143 mm can be achieved. The machine is equipped with a steady rest carriage which supports long workpieces during machining. The spindle has a bar passage of 81 mm diameter so that material can also be fed in bar form and significantly longer workpieces can be machined. An automatic parts catcher reduces non-productive times, as the finished workpieces can be removed outside the machine.

Due to the special rigidity of the machine beds and powerful drives, the turning centres of the Hi-TECH series reliably guarantee precise machining results – even after many years of continuous use. The very wide and widely spaced flat guides also ensure high stability and optimised absorption of vibrations. With a drive output of 22 kW and a torque of 704 Nm, the spindle is the most powerful in its class. Up to 24 tools, positioned by a fast operating turret, are driven with an output of 5.5 kW. These parameters permit fast processes and are the basis for the high machining qualities of the machines, which are particularly suitable for tough and hard materials with high cutting volumes.

The Hi-TECH 230 turning centres are available in seven different versions. They can be used to machine workpieces up to a diameter of 425 mm over a maximum length of 1,143 mm. They thus offer the largest working range in their class. For machining longer turned parts such as shafts, the machines are equipped as standard with a hydraulically driven digital tailstock which reduces cycle times by more than 70% compared to conventional equipment.

All turning centres are prepared for the installation of a bar loader and can thus be equipped for fast and efficient mass production of turned parts from bar material with a diameter of up to 65 or 81 mm. By using the counter spindle, it is also possible to integrate backward machining of the workpieces into the process as required. As an option, the turning centres can be ordered with an additional Y-axis. This can also be equipped with driven tools so that turning and milling operations such as feather keys, key surfaces, cross bores and gear teeth can be carried out in one clamping operation. The Hi-TECH 230 offers a travel distance of ±60 mm and sets new standards in this machine class. Service and a fast spare parts supply are guaranteed by the manufacturer’s European headquarters in Bochum.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hwacheon-europe.com/en