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Innovation ensures speed, precision and flexibility in distribution

Photo by Westeria GmbH

Westeria is proud to present the results of a joint project with the Technical University of Cologne that has lasted for several years.

In a revision of the well-known material distribution system DiscSpreader®, Westeria has taken advantage of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to react automatically to varying material flows and to ensure a constantly uniform distribution. The result is the space-saving DiscSpreader® automove, which is being presented in operation for the first time at the IFAT 2022  and can be mounted directly on any type of conveyor belt.

A camera detects and evaluates the material distribution on the belt. The AI learns independently with this data and automatically selects the optimal alignment of the disc.

Photo by Westeria GmbH

A consistently good material spread is essential to optimally prepare plastic, glass, wood, compost, scrap, slag, waste or any other type of bulk material for subsequent steps such as NIR sorting or windsifting. This now eliminates the need for personnel to make manual readjustments when the material flow changes.

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