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Teledyne DALSA introduces new vera intra-oral sensors for dental imaging

intra oral sensor

Vera™ intra-oral dental sensors
Photo by Teledyne DALSA

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and a global leader in digital image sensing technology, recently introduced its latest advancements in X-ray sensors and detectors covering all dental imaging applications at the upcoming 35th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany.


Featured Digital X-ray Imaging Products

NEW! Size 1 and Size 2 Vera™ Intra-oral Sensors – Highly Integrated, Premium and Value Models: The all new Vera family of intra-oral dental sensors was designed and engineered to offer industry-leading image quality, high reliability, fast readout and reliable X-ray detection. The Vera sensors implement Teledyne DALSA’s direct chip-to-USB2.0 interface and feature Windows-certified drivers and an easy-to-use SDK. Vera is available exclusively to dental equipment OEMs with both Cesium Iodide (CsI) and Gadolinium Oxysulfide (GdOS) scintillators.

X-ray detectors

Xineos™ X-ray flat detectors
Photo by Teledyne DALSA

NEW! Xineos™-2121 and 3131 – Large Format CMOS Dynamic Flat X-ray Detectors for Dental, Scientific and Industrial Applications: Introducing the largest and highest performance CMOS detectors available today, offered with 21x21cm2 and 31x31cm2 active area. Available for large format dental Cone Beam CT and scientific applications such as X-ray Crystallography as well as industrial Non Destructive Testing (NDT), these new X-ray detectors feature ultra low power and full 30fps operation at full resolution using Teledyne DALSA’s Gigabit Ethernet hardware and software interface.


x-ray scanning detectors

Argus™ X-ray scanning detectors
Photo by Teledyne DALSA

NEW! Argus-PAN™ – Cost-effective CCD-TDI Panoramic X-ray Detector: Providing high resolution with easy Ethernet connectivity, the 15 cm Argus-PAN is designed for extra-oral panoramic dental applications. The extremely low noise operation, coupled with high performance 16-bit ADC, ensures in excess of 80dB of imaging dynamic range.

Xineos™-1313 – CMOS Dynamic Flat X-ray Detectors for Combined Cone Beam CT: Delivering superior low-dose DQE at 45fps and 100 micrometer resolution, Xineos is the industry’s first dynamic flat X‑ray detector to exceed image intensifier diagnostic image quality performance. With saturation dose choices optimized for various clinical applications and featuring Gigabit Ethernet or high-speed Camera Link connectivity, Xineos also supports lag-free 300fps vertical ROI readout to power frame-based dental panoramic X-ray applications.

Argus-CEPH™ – High Resolution CCD-TDI Cephalometric X-ray Detector: Offering high resolution and greatly improved DQE, this 22 cm CCD-TDI scanning X-ray detector features advanced scintillator technology, easy Ethernet connectivity, and extremely low noise operation. Argus-CEPH provides up to 80dB of dynamic range and is easily integrated into existing imaging systems.

For further information visit: www.teledynedalsa.com