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Photo by Knarr Group


The melting of thermoplastic materials requires temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius. In many cases, thermal separation of the injection-moulding machine from the mould mounted in it is essential, if only for safety reasons.

Deformation and ultimately machine failures can result from the machine being exposed to high temperatures. An external insulation on the mould base prevents too much heat from being freely transferred to the injection-moulding machine.

The insulation also ensures a constant temperature inside the tool. The mould releases less energy into the environment while a homogeneous temperature balance develops within the tool. This leads to shortened heating process and fewer readjustments. Controlled and minimized total energy consumption is primarily responsible for improved energy efficiency of the tool.

In addition to the short-term and permanent temperature resistance, the pressure resistance of the insulation boards plays an important role, since the materials in use must withstand the enormous clamping forces of the machines. KNARR’s standard portfolio therefore includes the alternatives of 330 N/mm² and 600 N/mm². Prefabricated central bores and / or fixing holes are further options.

The manufacturing process of the insulation boards differs significantly from the steel processing. For this reason, more and more customers are entrusting us with the complete processing of the boards. We manufacture the insulation exactly according to your specifications to your tool – just send us the drawing. This way you conveniently get your mould base including all add-on and built-in parts and complete insulation from a single source.

Photo by Knarr Group

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