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Kontron introduces its new COM-HPC® Server Module COMh-sdID and COM-HPC Server Evaluation Carrier

Photo by Kontron Embedded Computers AG

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), launches its first COM-HPC® Server Module COMh-sdID featuring Intel’s Xeon D-2700 processors (former codename Ice Lake D). In addition, Kontron also introduces a COM-HPC® Server Evaluation Carrier.

The COMh-sdID with scalability from 4 to 20 cores and SKUs for an extended temperature range and 24×7 / 10 years reliability allows very robust implementations for harsh environments and extreme conditions in a small mechanical footprint.

The module accommodates 4x DIMM sockets for a maximum of 512 GB DDR4 memory at 3200 MT/s. As storage medium, a soldered NVMe SSD onboard with up to 1 TByte storage capacity is optionally available.

With 48x PCIe lanes (32x PCIe Gen4 plus 16x PCIe Gen3 lanes) and 2x Quad LAN interfaces supporting up to 100 Gbit Ethernet, the COMh-sdID is an ideal platform for high data throughput requirements in demanding I/O and network structures.

Delivering scalable performance complemented by Intel QuickAssist Technology and AI acceleration with Intel AVX-512, the module is highly suitable for the usage in complex AI applications, high-performance network platforms and edge servers.

“The COMh-sdID brings breakthrough performance unleashing innovations in embedded IoT for Industry 4.0. Use cases such as test & measurement, autonomous vehicles & robotics as well as numerous potential applications of AI and edge servers benefit from the new performance level on a Computer-on-Module design.”, says Peter Müller, VP Product Center Modules.

The Kontron COMh-Server Eval Carrier offers a complete set of standard interfaces, such as USB and SATA, as well as 8x SFP28 Ethernet interfaces; thus supporting and optimizing the design-in phase of the COMh-sdID.

For more information, please visit http://www.kontron.com/.