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MAPAL offers new cost-effective boring of turbochargers, brake calipers, etc.

Photo by MAPAL Dr. Kress KG

Tools with ISO elements are a main part of the MAPAL portfolio. Designing complex special tools is one of the company’s core competencies. Now, MAPAL is presenting a new series of cutting materials for ISO indexable inserts, as well as “press-to-size” inserts for the boring of steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant cast steel, to be used, for example, in turbochargers. Combination tools and the new ISO indexable inserts enable users to achieve better cost-effectiveness, resulting in a clear reduction of the cost-per-part.

For the new ISO indexable inserts, MAPAL has not only developed optimum coatings on their in-house coating line but also optimized the carbide substrate of the inserts and the edge rounding for machining. It can be chosen between PVD- and CVD-coated cutting materials in accordance with the prevailing general conditions, such as the material, stability of the machine, coolant and clamping situation as well as the possibility of interrupted cuts occurring. The cutting materials differ depending on the ductility of the carbide substrate used. CVD-coated ISO indexable inserts are the standard for all boring processes and are sure to impress with their high wear resistance. They provide the potential to significantly increase in cutting speed and productivity, even in dry machining applications. PVD-coated cutting materials are available for extremely challenging conditions, such as interrupted cuts or unstable machine ratios. This is due to the fact that they strike with a particularly good balance between ductility and wear resistance, thus ensuring reliable machining. The new ISO indexable inserts complete the range. By the end of last year, MAPAL had already introduced a new series of cutting materials for boring cast iron.

In both cast iron machining and steel machining, significantly better results are achieved when boring with the new ISO indexable inserts than with those previously used. In cast iron machining, a new series of cutting materials mean an increase in tool life of up to 100 percent (depending on the application). When machining steel and turbochargers, the increase is, on average, 50 percent greater. In production, cost-per-part is reduced accordingly.

Together with the special and standard ISO indexable inserts, MAPAL’s new series of cutting materials also include tangential “press-to-size” ISO indexable inserts. These cost-effective inserts ideally complement the high-precision ground inserts. They could be used for applications with larger permissible tolerances, as is generally the case for roughing. This means there are ISO indexable inserts with the appropriate cutting material for boring cast iron, steel and stainless steel available to suit every need when it comes to precision or costs, providing cost-effective machining.

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