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Mauser presented its latest ideas for office environments at the ORGATEC

Photo by Mauser Einrichtungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Thinking ahead, interpreting classics in a new way.

mauser is known as one of the few companies that has been passionate about manufacturing steel furniture since the Bauhaus era. In 120 years of company history, mauser has reinvented itself over and over again, continuing the successful production of its furniture systems. As per mauser’s motto ‘Start thinking ahead – with mauser’, the company presents itself with new ideas regarding the office environments of today and tomorrow. At the same time, it reflects on the ‘mauser DNA’ and relaunches mauser classics in a functional modern look.

xitan.s – components for a new cabinet design.

With its new storage system xitan.s, mauser puts the focus on the topic ‘Storage space as architecture’. “xitan.s is the detailing of architecture, with the vertical as well as horizontal alignment clearly defined. Its structured design provides planning security and great creativity. xitan.s makes a dignified and compact first impression. A closer look reveals details, possibilities and precision”, says designer Markus Bischof. A new linearity in design was achieved by the perfect handling of steel. Whether you require no fronts at all, hinged doors with a push-to-open mechanism, sliding doors with embedded handles or tambour doors without visual ribs – all fronts of equal carcass size are identical right down to the last millimetre and are continuously enclosed by an extremely slim edge. Even when combining different elements with each other side by side or stacking elements of equal width on top of each other, the slim edge always shapes the homogenous overall appearance by acting as an optic frame.

Various configurations can be created by simply adding elements. Carcasses of equal width are positively joined and stacked on top of each other, thanks to the concave lid geometry and elastic corner brackets. This is where the design sets standards for a new free play of space. Regarding its function, xitan.s convinces with concealed series punching, various possibilities of organisational equipment, a flexible plinth, which conceals unattractive cable management, and the option to have a detachable steel tray, felt pad or linoleum inlay as top cover for cabinets in counter height.

Whether it is used as an integrated component, assigned to specific workplaces or serves as a space-structuring element – xitan.s is design component and storage space at the same time. A system offering a new view of office landscape.

varitos.c – brings dynamic to the office.

For years, the award-winning workplace system varitos.c has been contributing to maintaining the health of customers’ employees. The sit/stand version – for example, equipped with electromotive height adjustment ranging from 650 – 1250 mm and optional memory function – encourages people to change working positions and provides a ‘healthy dose’ of exercise in the office. Now available with the motivating reminder function ‘motion by mauser’. This Jens Korte design picks up on the traditional design vocabulary of classic steel tube furniture and projects it into the 21st century.

Photo by Mauser Einrichtungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

element.x – the creative dimension of interior design.

As a modular system, element.x offers a wide range of fascinating architectural solutions and provides architects and space planners with an exciting spectrum of new options. Not only from a creative and visually expressive point of view, but also in functional terms of being able to meet even the most challenging and complex of requirements. element.x can create either screening or unobstructed visual axes, be a monolithic structure or meander in a continuous line through any space. When units are stacked, the corner connectors form a visually striking ‘x’, which gives the system its name.

The basic elements in different heights and widths can be freely combined with each other, even when turned by 180°. The elements are available with either no fronts, hinged doors, sliding doors, drawers or flap doors. Newly presented are elements for living areas featuring a new elegant frame. element.x won the German Design Award and iF Design award for good reasons.

kontoro – the pull-out workstation side filer for the workplace.

Brings more storage space and privacy. This compact pull-out workstation side filer enables user-friendly territories or spaces to be established – in keeping with the demarcation not segregation principle. At the same time it provides plenty of storage space on a small footprint, even for personal effects. The kontoro pull-out workstation side filer makes confidential documents available deskside. Ready to hand and yet they can be locked away safely. That saves time and reduces the requirement for other storage facilities.

The highly durable pull-out side filer features a soft-close-cushioning system and remains smooth-running even when fully loaded. Apart from adjustable shelves, it can be equipped with a pull-out suspension filing frame, small compartments as well as a lockable privacy compartment. The pull-out workstation side filer can be accessed from both sides.

Photo by Mauser Einrichtungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG

elegant move – more storage space on the same footprint.

elegant move is a space-saving mobile shelving system, specifically designed for office applications. It ensures a more efficient use of expensive space and offers almost twice as much storage space as other shelving systems. An attractive shelving system that is like a piece of furniture and dovetails perfectly with any interior furnishing concept. Installing elegant move means that archive facilities and storerooms are no longer located in the basement, but close to where people work. It offers rapid access to files, stationery and more on every floor. That saves long detours, time and money.

The shelving elements are available in different heights, widths and depths. They can be equipped with shelves, pendant rods, suspension filing frames, drawers, in-shelving coat racks and much more. elegant move can be operated by using a handrail, handwheel or an electric drive. Central locking as well as the possibility of database-supported coding for controlled access ensure greater security. A new software provides fast access to files and reduces access time.

Tonnentisch – return of a design classic.

In the 1950s, mauser achieved great success with their round-shaped furniture. During the years of economic success of the still young Federal Republic of Germany, the mauser round barrel executive desk ‘Tonnentisch’ could be found on many executive floors of upcoming companies, administrations and surgeries. Now it is time for the round barrel executive desk ‘Tonnentisch’, a much sought-after collector’s piece and design classic, to once more return to the big stage of design furniture for a limited time only. Numbered and limited to 50 pieces, it comes with a lifelong guarantee.

The tabletop that comes in an original linoleum finish is enclosed by chrome strips. The high-gloss coated under-desk storage units feature compartments or pull-out drawers for folders, hanging files and writing materials, equipped with a soft-close-cushioning system. The under-desk storage units can be locked by a central locking system by using a remote control or Bluetooth. The electrification is provided by an invisible cable management.

For more information, please visit http://www.mauser-moebel.de.