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Meusburger presents new fork light barriers and monitoring components for stamping processes

Photo by Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Continuous monitoring of the stamping process is essential for modern die making. Meusburger, the expert in standard components, expands its product range of tried and trusted fork light barriers and adds further components for secure and reliable process monitoring.


Alongside the tried and trusted E 6530, E 6532 and E 6536 Fork light barriers in infrared light and red light variation, Meusburger now offers an E 6534 Split light barrier for feed and position control. Thanks to its compact design, this component requires very little space. The distance between the sender and the receiver can easily be varied, enabling a flexible installation. The E 6548 Alternating light amplifier serves to strengthen the sensor signal.


Non-contact distance measurements can be made with the inductive E 6540 Analogue sensor. For further processing of the sensor signal, the analogue sensor is connected with the E 6541 Analogue controller. Up to 4 analogue sensors can be connected to the controller, and can be set up independently of each other and then routed to an outlet. The advantage here is that only one inlet is used on the tool monitoring devices.


The new E 6538 Multibeam fork light barrier has a ‘light band’ that consists of several light beams. As soon as one or more of these light beams are interrupted, a signal is generated. They work dynamically to enable accurate ejection control. This guarantees a defined and adjustable signal output regardless of the interruption duration.

As usual the Meusburger light barriers are available from stock.

For more information, please visit http://www.meusburger.com.