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MOTEK: Yaskawa continues to expand its Motoman GP12 series

Photo by YASKAWA Europe GmbH

The new Motoman GP12 is the world’s fastest in its class. Thanks to its slim arm design, it can be used even in the most restricted spaces. Combined with the small new Motoman YRC1000 high-performance controller, Yaskawa provides a complete solution that sets new standards in terms of speed and flexibility.

The overall design of the Motoman GP12 is geared to high productivity: short acceleration and braking times for all robot positions translate into high speed – on the smallest footprint. The slim arm design means that interference contours with the periphery are minimized. The hollow arm for internal wiring increases the stability of the media cables to grippers and other process-specific actuators. A high level of availability is also ensured in heavy-duty environments. The wrist axes of the robust robot are standard specified in Protection Class IP67, the main axes of the GP12 in Protection Class IP54.

In all models of the GP series, which besides the GP12 also include the GP7 and GP8, only a single robot cable is necessary for connecting the manipulator to the control unit. The advantages of this solution lie in reduced wear and easy maintenance. In addition, fast and problem-free set-up is enabled − particularly when installing in a cable carrier drag chain.

Last but not least, the new GP models include fast and highly dynamic servo motors of the Sigma-7 series from Yaskawa’s in-house production. These ultra-high performance drives operate with utmost precision and enable extremely high cycle rates.

New Motoman YRC1000 high-performance controller

The robots of the GP series are controlled with the new Motoman YRC1000 high-performance controller. The YRC1000 control unit’s ergonomically and clearly-arranged teach pendant is the lightest in its category at 730 g. Its touchscreen permits intuitive operation, and thus simple movement and scrolling with the cursor. Before and during operation with the real robot arm, a 3D simulation of robot movement can be displayed on the screen of the teach pendant. With their open interfaces, controllers of the new generation are predestined for use in Industrie 4.0 environments. The extremely compact controller with a cabinet volume of only 125 litres enables optimum use of space

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