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MY JUARISTI allows productive management of resources and predictive maintenance of machines

On the occasion of AMB in Stuttgart, JUARISTI will display its new concept of machine intelligence through the software “My JUARISTI” and its recently developed technology “Quick Machine Verification”.

My JUARISTI is a system that combines the latest technologies developed in the company’s Innovation department to allow the user the productive management of resources and predictive maintenance of machines. In addition, it ensures the adaptability of the tools to the demands of each piece to achieve the best results.

‘My JUARISTI’ shows a wide range of technological solutions in a single intuitive interface: SUPERVISOR unifies the activity of all productive means and facilitates their direct and easy management from the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); OSASUN ensures proper maintenance and allows monitoring, self-diagnosis and predictive maintenance of the machines; ADAPTIVE CONTROL adapts the performance of the machine to the existing conditions; BALANCE CONTROL monitors and corrects possible imbalances in turning operations through advanced technology sensors; and GPS technology improves machines precision, especially in the treatment of complex pieces.

Photo by Juaristi

In addition, JUARISTI will present its Quick Machine Verification cutting-edge system. JUARISTI has worked on a system of dimensional verification that will turn the costly task of checking machine tools’ geometry into an automated procedure that will only require 15 minutes, will draw infallible conclusions and will only require very few means, so it will be cost-effective.

This system, which is already in testing phase and will be applied to our machines in the coming months, will allow the user to know the condition of the machine at all times and correct possible geometrical errors.

This technology, developed together with the Technological and Research Center Tekniker, will obtain accuracies of about 0.03 mm in volumes of 25 m3, 0.05 mm in 50 m3 and 0.1 mm in 100 m3, results unthinkable until now. It will be especially useful in the machining of medium and large size pieces and will ensure the quality of the final product at 100%, which will reduce losses derived from defective products and costs associated with downtime. Thus, the quality of the products delivered to the final customer will be improved and delivery times will be drastically reduced. In fact, our forecasts affirm that this technology will contribute to increase the productivity of our machine tools up to 30%

The JUARISTI space, located in the Stand 9D34, will also feature the qualities of JUARISTI’s extensive catalog of milling-boring machines and multifunction centers. The entire catalog is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding sectors, such as aeronautics, energy, naval, wind power…

Finally, JUARISTI will introduce its C.A.S.T. strategy (Connectivity, Automation, Service and Technology), a multidimensional concept that influences its relationship with customers. It is an integral package that meets all needs of customers with the highest level of versatility, improves companies through high-level services and builds connected machines that cooperate efficiently and intelligently.

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