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New at Orgatec: the Wilkhahn “Sitzbock”

In order to encourage people walking through an office building to talk to one another, we need areas that surprise, arouse curiosity and are attractive in the long term. Which is why design studio RSW developed the pommel horse seat “Sitzbock” that enables a variety of different postures.

Photo by Wilkhahn

It’s 707 mm high, 627 mm wide and its legs splay out to 520 mm. Just like a real horse, you can sit astride or ride “side saddle” or use it to lean on. The “Sitzbock” is rotary moulded in black, white, grey or orange through-dyed polypropylene. At just 4.8 kg in weight, they’re easy to place in groups for spontaneous meet-ups, up to four can be stacked cross-wise or they can be picked up and put on patios for a while. Anyone preferring a little more comfort can give their pommel horse seat a non-slip felt “saddle blanket” that comes in anthracite, graphite, mango or a light mottled hue for extra colour combinations. Positioned in small herds, the colourful pommel horse seats create an atmosphere that’s just as playful as it is ergonomic and invites interaction.

For further Information visit: www.wilkhahn.com