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New fitting for easy positioning

PIAB upgrades the fitting style for our oval DURAFLEX® suction cup, OF25x70P. A male G3/8” fitting insert with a swivel function prior to the actual locking sequence is now available for both the red (PU40) and green (PU60) cups


Photo by PIAB AB

The fitting insert is made of brass and uses a rotating function until the suction cup is completely locked/tightened. This will facilitate the exact positioning of the suction cup, which is very important when an oval cup is used on an oblong and narrow surface. A mesh filter on the fitting insert keeps coarse particles out of the vacuum system and the fitting insert has a female hexagon key handle on the inside.


  • Suitable for flat and rough surfaces.
  • Fair stability and little inherent movement.
  • Recommended when the lifting force is parallel to the surface of the object.
  • Cleats prevent thin, sensitive objects from being deformed and give extra friction when the lifting force is parallel to the surface of the object.
  • DURAFLEX® are suction cups manufactured in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane. The material does not leave any marks on the objects handled.
  • Swivel option, prior to the locking operation, for easy positioning of the oval cup.