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Raw sewage pumping station with Egger vortex

Photo by Emile Egger & Cie SA

For a large pumping station in the German federal state Saarland, Egger has delivered five heavy, unlimited dry-running raw sewage pumps. Two Turo® Vortex pumps with a nominal diameter of DN150 (6“) deliver 325 m³/h (1430 gpm) of municipal untreated sewage. This raw sewage has a high portion of sand and solids during dry weather conditions. There is no upstream screen or shredder system.

Three further stormwater pumps with a nominal discharge diameter of DN300 (12”) each deliver 1240 m³/h (5460 gpm) of incoming rainwater in a single operation. This new system configuration has proven to be ideal! Already during commissioning, the pumps transported all objects and deposits without clogging and with reliable results.

The Eurodyn® hydrodynamic shaft sealing, also proven in municipal wastewater, has unbeatable advantages over the classical mechanical seal. Some of these advantages include dry running without barrier medium, contactless discharge repellers, and improved standstill seal.

Egger EOSA series pumps stand for a maximum availability during operation and lowest energy consumption, even under the most difficult conditions and with minimum maintenance requirements.

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