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ROLLS-ROYCE to showcase high-and-medium speed Gas and Diesel Generator Sets


As of autumn 2017, MTU Onsite Energy will be offering a diesel genset with a 10% higher output based on the 20-cylinder Series 4000 engine.
The higher output of 3,730 kVA for emergency power applications and 3,390 kVA for prime power is available at temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius. The genset has a very high power density and such a space-saving design, since the engine’s dimensions are identical to those of the predecessor model with a higher output.

Diesel generator sets up to 3,400 kVA and gas engine systems up to 2,500 kW will be presented under the MTU Onsite Energy brand. A 12V 4000 diesel genset will be on display and a model of a 18V 2000 diesel genset, equipped with common rail technology and deliving an output of up to 1,400 kVA. A model of a 16V 4000 container genset, will also be exhibited as gas and diesel versions.

MTU Onsite Energy’s decentralised gas and diesel engine systems are used in continuous operation scenarios, for peak generation and emergency power applications. They play mission-critical roles in environments such as airports, hospitals and data centres. Whether standard products or custom-built, MTU Onsite Energy systems provide superb reliability and flexibility combined with low lifecycle costs.

Rolls-Royce will be presenting a medium-speed gas engine model from its B35:40 series which incorporates engines with a range from 3.7 to 9.4 MW. The generator systems benefit from robust design and above average electrical efficiency of up to 48.5 per cent. Applications include base load power generation, grid balancing and peak load supply, combined heat and power and combined heating, cooling and power plants, emergency power and mechanical drive systems for the oil and gas industry.

For more information visit: http://www.rrpowersystems.com