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ROLLS-ROYCE showcases standby Power Systems from MTU onsite energy

Photo by Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG

Matthias Vogel, Vice President Power Generation at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “With our portfolio of standby power systems for data centres, we are benefiting from the increasing demand in this market. In Europe, there are a number of trends already noticeable: as a result of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will enter into force by 2018, non-European companies will be required to increase their data centre capacity in Europe. In addition, global megatrends such as digitisation, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and streaming are leading to an increase in the transfer of data and thus to an increased demand for data centres. Colocation data centre operators, who offer their infrastructure to a wide variety of clients, are benefiting from this rapid growth. Additional servers are being installed in the colocation data centres in stages, which is why the infrastructure will have to be expanded on a modular basis.”

To secure the power supply to data centres continuously, MTU Onsite Energy offers complete energy systems solutions based on emergency diesel generator sets. The generator sets are available in an electrical output range extending from 800 to 2,800 kW and can be supplied on a modular basis to target the client’s specific demand for high output. Many of the major online companies today already put their trust in MTU Onsite Energy solutions. An actual example is the construction of a data centre in Amsterdam, for which MTU Onsite Energy will supply a total of 23 emergency diesel generator sets with a total output of 57 MW. The gensets are based on 20-cylinder Series 4000 engines, each delivering an output of 2,480 kW, which in emergency situations can be operated continuously for up to 48 hours. The engines achieve full electrical output within 15 seconds of start-up and thus meet the customer’s stringent project requirements.

The data centre is operated by US-based EdgeConneX, which already employs a total of 80 MTU gensets for standby power in its data centres in the USA. Another data centre project with EdgeConnex is currently nearing completion in Dublin and is scheduled to go into operation as of summer 2017. In this case, MTU Onsite Energy is supplying 12 emergency diesel generator sets with a total output of 30 MW.

MTU Onsite Energy accompanies projects during the whole life cycle as the system solution expert by providing support from the design phase to completion. It also supplies turnkey standby power systems. In addition to the generator sets, these also include the associated periphery equipment and additional subsystems, which are integrated into the overall system. MTU Onsite Energy additionally provides support over the entire service life of its systems with long-term service solutions. The MTU Onsite Energy brand is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

For more information visit: http://www.mtuonsiteenergy.com