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Sandvik Coromant upgrades its CoroPlus® ToolPath for PrimeTurning™ software offering increased productivity

The upgraded CoroPlus® ToolPath for PrimeTurning™ software in use
Photo by SANDVIK Coromant

Manufacturers that use PrimeTurning™ technology from cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant welcomes the upgraded CoroPlus® ToolPath for PrimeTurning software designed to help them speed up their operations and planning processes. Part of the Sandvik Coromant digitally connected CoroPlus® suite of solutions for machine shops, the software facilitates maximum turning productivity and output.

The all directional turning methodology, introduced by Sandvik Coromant through the unique PrimeTurning™ concept, enabled increased metal removal rates, offered significant time savings and boosted productivity while eliminating many of the misconceptions associated with small entering angles and chip control. The concept proved especially beneficial in mass production industries such as the automotive sector. It was also ideal for short batch production – for example in aerospace and oil and gas – of components in difficult-to-machine materials that require frequent set-up and tool changes.

To get the best out of the process – including more efficient and faster programming – the company launched its CoroPlus® ToolPath for PrimeTurning™ software which has now been enhanced with a host of new features, functions and an easy-to-use interface. Available in stand-alone and CAM-integrated versions, the software provides the correct grade, geometry selection and cutting data while ensuring optimal productivity and tool life as well as maximum output.

Among the main benefits of PrimeTurning™ tool path software are faster operations and planning processes as well as constant chip thickness and correct entry into a component, ensuring greater process security. Also, compatible with a wide range of CNC turning machines that use ISO codes, the software provides automatic storage for component profiles.

Packed with new features designed to enable users to gain all the benefits offered by PrimeTurning™ method and CoroTurn® Prime tools, CoroPlus® ToolPath for PrimeTurning™ now supports profiling and facing for external turning in addition to existing programmable support for longitudinal turning. The software also enables CAD models to be imported (in STEP and IGES formats, among others) and offers 3D simulation with collision detection.

A key new feature is an improved and intuitive interface for machinists who don’t have CAM software with PrimeTurning™ support or those doing shopfloor programming, with the option of operating on desktops or mobile devices. The user is able to generate NC code in few quick and easy steps. After the user specifies the operation, machine parameters, workpiece details and material information, the software automatically recommends the right tools to use along with the cutting data. The operator can simply use the suggested solution or alter parameters to get customised results.

Before creating the final NC code, the PrimeTurning™ tool path software enables the user to run a simulation to verify no collisions and change any parameters as required, then generate a new program within seconds and run another simulation until the user is satisfied enough to produce the correct code. The software enables the user to stop anywhere they like in the process, running a simulation block by block or going back into the code if preferred.

CoroPlus® ToolPath for PrimeTurning™ is a subscription-based software and a one-month free trial is available for users to get hands-on experience before committing to the annual subscription.

For more information, please visit http://www.sandvik.coromant.com.