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Siemens adds new flow sensors to its Symaro product line

The Siemens Building Technologies Division has expanded its Symaro line of sensors to include new flow sensors and flow switches that guarantee maximum measuring quality in liquid flow applications. New output variants of the QVM62.1 air velocity sensor were also added to the portfolio. Siemens now offers an extensive line of sensors for all standard HVAC measuring ranges.

The new flow sensors in the Symaro product line of the Siemens Building Technology Division are suitable for use with liquids and air and establish a solid foundation for the energy- and cost-efficient control of entire HVAC installations.

flow sensors

The new vortex flow sensors for liquid media are available in versions made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and red brass and offer high accuracy. These sensors contain no moving parts, which makes them insensitive to contamination and highly resistant to media. The results are a long life cycle and optimum long-term stability.

The new flow switches made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic are supplied with a brass pipe section and have a reed contact. The latter responds contactlessly via a magnetic field without a return spring, which keeps the switching point stable. The switches operate within a pressure range of up to 10 bar and without bellows. The switching point is therefore independent of pressure and dependent only on the volumetric flow. The flow switches are especially suitable for monitoring the flow of liquid media in hydraulic systems such as chillers, heating systems or heat pumps.

Both the flow sensors and flow switches are available in the four nominal sizes of DN 10, DN 15, DN 20 and DN 25. The sensors thus cover flow rate ranges from 1.8 to 150 liters/minute. They can be used universally in drinking water, heating water and common water/glycol mixtures as well as within a broad range of temperatures. All devices are available in the output variants DC 0 – 10 V or DC 4 – 20 mA or switching contact outputs.

The QVM62.1 air velocity sensor covers the measuring ranges of 0 – 5, 0 – 10, and 0 – 15 m/s. It has a specially developed thin-film sensing element, which makes it largely independent of the inflow direction and practically insensitive to dirt. This sensor is also available in the output variants DC 0 – 10 V and DC 4 – 20 mA.

The flow sensors in the Symaro product line are part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio. In fiscal 2011, revenue from the Portfolio totaled about €30 billion, making Siemens one of the world’s largest suppliers of ecofriendly technologies. In the same period, our products and solutions enabled customers to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by nearly 320 million tons, an amount equal to the total annual CO2 emissions of Berlin, Delhi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo.

For more information about the Symaro product line, please visit www.siemens.com/symaro