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Sudbrock presented its first home entertainment furniture

sudbrock home entertainment furniture

First home entertainment furniture by Sudbrock
Photo by Sudbrock GmbH Möbelwerk

Living room design with sound factor

The claim of the new “sound furniture” by Sudbrock is to pair first-class audio pleasure with appealing living room design. The concept: the customer’s sound system including speakers is integrated into a well-designed piece of furniture featuring a smart cable routing system according to his or her wishes. Amplifiers, satellite receivers, hi-fi systems, DVD and Blu-Ray players – all devices are perfectly arranged, easy to reach and operated by infrared repeaters. The result: pesky technology modules disappear from sight and a tidy living room invites you to enjoy an unparalleled sound experience.

The Simply Box

The Simply Box is the right choice for everyone looking for suitable speakers. The speakers, developed by the company, are attuned to the entire sound furniture and discreetly integrated. An audio pleasure that appeals to the eyes as well. The speakers are available with 70 and 80 watt sound output and can be connected everywhere. Deep and powerful bass sounds and delicate and soft tones can all be heard crystal clear and provide spectacular and top quality sounds.

For more information, please visit http://www.sudbrock.de.