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Faulhaber introduces the new 3890 CR DC-Motors series

The development of the new 3890…CR series is based on the successful motor concept of the CR DC‐Micromotors series with Graphite Commutation from FAULHABER. A very powerful neodymium magnet and particularly high […]

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS introduced consistent drive concept for baggage handling systems

An SK 200E inverter with a directly wired motor encoder, an integrated positioning function, and brake management (via a 180 V DC output) was employed for lifting, lowering, and positioning. Models from […]

Uhing’s first mechatronics study reveals under water linear drive nut RS with electronic drive

Uhing presents the first mechatronics study ever: linear drive nut RS with electronic drive under water. For the first time ever, Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG has implemented a combination of […]

KOLLMORGEN Showcases Servo Drive Technology For Tomorrow’s Machine Design

What tomorrow’s machine design can look like and what part servo drive technology will play in it, will be the main focus of Kollmorgen’s presentation at the SPS/IPC/Drives exhibition on 26—28 November […]

KEBA shows more compact and faster packaging robotics

More compact & faster – KEBA’s motto for the Fachpack 2013 exhibition. And this is underscored by a unique, space-saving and at the same time remarkably fast robot demonstration. The packaging cell […]

MotoCzysz introduces the D9, a powerhouse integrated electric drive

Last year was a banner year for the young upstart, MotoCzysz, which was awarded three substantial contracts, completed two new drive systems and built their fastest e1pc (electric grand prix racer) to […]

Efficiency that convinces – hamotic varicon compact synchronous drive

High efficiency and low life cycle costs hamotic varicon compact synchronous drive is the industry’s first choice wherever energy efficiency, variable speeds and low life cycle costs are in demand. The hamotic […]

New intelligent EtherCAT Drive by Technosoft

The iPOS4808 BX intelligent drive is a new covered-frame unit from the iPOS line, which can control any DC brush, rotary / linear brushless, or step motor up to 400 W with […]

Siemens new integrated drive system for increased productivity and reliability

The Siemens Drive Technologies Division will be presenting the “Integrated Drive System” (IDS) at Hannover Messe 2013, a whole new dimension in solutions for drive tasks: IDS integrates the Division’s uniquely complete […]