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TALO.YOU table system from König + Neurath wins German Innovation Award

The upheaval that the entire working world is currently experiencing calls for a collective rethink on the part of companies and employees. It is also driving the emergence of product innovations and new production processes. Companies that have always been more successful are those that have thought about their products strictly in terms of the needs of their target customers and have developed clever solutions to meet these needs. One such solution is the TALO.YOU table system, which König + Neurath, a supplier of office furniture and room systems, launched at the end of last year. Now, the added value that the product innovation offers users has been recognized with the “Special Mention” award at the German Innovation Award.

German Innovation Award honors innovations that make life better

The German Design Council honors products and solutions that offer users a particular benefit and – compared to existing products and ideas – significant added value. The panel of experts from industry, science, institutions and the financial sector has set itself the goal of making innovations that improve life even more visible. The “Special Mention” award, which the jury bestowed on König + Neurath’s TALO.YOU, honors innovations that impress with well thought-out partial aspects, original approaches or special detailed solutions.

TALO.YOU is the answer to newly emerging needs

With 680 entries, the response to the German Innovation Award was once again very strong this year. “We are therefore all the more pleased that we have struck a chord with our product developments,” says Michael Cappello, spokesman for the board of König + Neurath. “TALO.YOU is the answer to the growing individualization in our markets.”

Offices change with people and tasks

The TALO.YOU table system is extremely functional and can be scaled to meet all requirements: The symmetrical design makes it easy to convert from a workstation to a bench, a relay table or a conference system. Thanks to its flexibility, TALO.YOU can be used in all areas: at individual and team workstations, as a conference system, for mobile working – and even in the home office. “All models are height-adjustable by motor, support dynamic working and thus promote health in the workplace,” Michael Cappello explains one aspect of the new product. “Many of our customers are enthusiastic about its clear design language, which makes it easy to use in a wide variety of environments.” The environmental aspect also ensures that the TALO.YOU fits in well with the times: Thanks to the reduced use of materials, recycled plastics, production from renewable raw materials and its adaptability, it is a sustainable investment in the future of work.

The German Innovation Award is already the second award that the TALO.YOU table system has received. The Plus X Award jury already gave it its special seal of approval in five out of seven categories such as design, functionality and high quality.

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